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Holy Grail Project is almost ready! Just a few more things require writing up.
During the preparation of the forum, anyone may sign up in order to get ready if they wish.
My apologies for the inactivity for months now, it's taken to time to sort out the details, however, the site will be back to full activity soon.
Fixed an odd spammer incident.

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Rules of the Roleplay

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1 Rules of the Roleplay on Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:52 pm


1. If you have to say a quick out of character message in the RP sections, please include it inside "()" these.

2.When performing an action, use italics. Like this.

3. When thinking as your character, put "[]" around your thought, in italics.

4. Be mindful of the other players, don't God-mod unless the other player asked you to do something like that.

5. Player character defeat can happen, however it will always be a non-death defeat, player character death will only happen on request of that character's player. Only NPCs will experience permanent defeat.

6. When your character yells, please use the bold command instead of capitalization. Like this.

7. Any information such as servant identity posted out of character cannot be used until this information is discovered in character.


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