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Team information.

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1 Team information. on Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:38 am


A major feature of this RP is the inclusion of teams, seven in total, the players may join any one of them with the exception of the Entropy Team (Subject to change.). All teams not only war with each other, but also fight to control parts of the city. Holding ground in this war is just as important as picking off the enemy.

This topic lists each team, a basic description of what average members are like and where they are strongest in the city. The player may join any of the open teams regardless of their character's personality traits or preferences. To join a team, use the group feature of the forum, I will update this page once I am aware of which team you are a part of.

Deadlier than they appear.

The Aqua team consists strongly of Masters who prefer stealth above other tactics, they are patient, however they will not tolerate the enemy, especially those who enter their territory, yet at the same time, they are aware of their limits, they know when to back down and when to act using the best of their abilities.One should watch their backs when standing in Aqua territory, you may not realize you're in danger until it is too late to act.

Members: [To be added]

Territorial control: A quarter of the Port District, small sections of the Shopping District.
They may plot to build a connecting path of controlled territory between the two Districts.


The zealous fighting squad!!

The Ignis team is full of Masters who seek to overpower their enemy through brute strength, few barriers will deter them. They can be easy to anger, and will act like a stirred bee-hive if one is trying to take territory. Those with clever tactics may be able to overcome, but don't get too confident, they are ruthless with teamwork, often winning regardless of tactic through sheer numbers.

Members: [To be added]

Territorial control: Parts of the Uma District, a small section of Gyo Yama.
Their top priority on territory grabbing is acquiring all of the Uma District.


Rock hard and unmoving.

The Terra team is built on Endurance, many of their members care little of fighting and put a strong focus on surviving. As such, they are likely to do nothing about those who move in on their territory, but don't be mislead, in battle, taking them down can be a real pain, Most may run out of mana before they can make any real progress in battle with them. It's advised to try and overpower any of their members you may face.

Members: [To be added]

Territorial control: They hold a surprisingly large half of the mountain range, possibly due to most teams overlooking this area's significance.
The whole of the team will make minimal effort to control more territory, but may speed up their effort if their territory is in danger.


The whimsical army.

The Ventus team is unpredictable, their members mostly consist of non-traditional magi who do things their own way, there's no perfect strategy to dealing with their members as a result, though they may suffer against powerful opponents with a heavy endurance. They will act individually when you enter their territory, often, but at times you may also deal with multiple Masters at once, perhaps even the whole team if they agree on territorial importance.

Members: Alex Margatroid, Karasu Reiuji, [More to be added]

Territorial control: They control small spots of the Toh District, usually individual homes, but this just makes it harder to pinpoint what they might take control of next.


Vampiric and ruthless.

The Sanguinis team is mysterious, they choose to hide their actions, even their territory is unclear, but make no mistake, they still act if you're endangering their home. Their strategy is somewhat unpredictable, much like Ventus, however theirs is less about being quick footed, and more about making sure the enemy has no idea what they're doing. They can be extremely deadly in a pack.

Members: [To be added]

Territorial control: A small section of the Port District, a few mansions in the Uma District.
Good luck figuring out their plans on control, they choose out of the way places, so areas like the Downtown District do not interest them at all.


Honor before victory.

The Decretum team chooses honor of battle above all underhanded tactics, they will win fair and square, or they won't win at all. Unlike others, they will let you know before they attack you for entering their territory, if they are to defend their control, they wish to do so with a real battle, but be careful, while fair and just, they are quite strong and may overcome all challenges.

Members: [To be added]

Territorial control: They hold just one place: The Nankai High school, and they make this quite obvious to the other teams.
They won't give it up easily, but if you take it, they may hurt greatly, their honor is just too strong a priority for most of them to take territory from other teams.


chaotic and deadly, can you overcome their merciless power?

The Entropy team is filled with villains, sadists and the Magi even traditional Mages consider monsters, their tactics are ruthless, instead of outright killing, they prefer prolonged suffering of their opponents, and will make sure this happens, no matter what. They control with fear, if you've entered their territory, you had better bring friends, they will act when you least expect it. Beware this team...

(Currently unavailable to players, so that there can always be an NPC enemy to face.) Members: BB Hakusho (NPC), [More to be added]

Territorial control: They hold the entire Downtown District, extending out to the center of the bridge.
They refuse to give up this territory, entire teams may be forced to group together just to take even a portion of the Downtown District.



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